Ratchet and Clank Space Gameplay

If I told you to picture yourself moving between levels in any of the Ratchet and Clank games, you would see yourself hopping into your ship, selecting one of the many planets on offer before watching a clip of the ship take of, blast through a wormhole or two and then land on your chosen globe. Following A Crack in Time however, these visions will no longer be relevant.

This time, there are no clips of the ship blasting through space. This time you are the ship. You fly between the planets and you choose where you want to visit. Not just the main story planets, but also the many moons, astroids and ships which fill the space between them. Everything you land on holds a special mission or item to discover. There are enemies to defeat, zoni to collect and puzzles to solve. Don’t like the idea? You can just zip on past it all as virtually all of it is optional.

But let’s be honest, why would you want to skip it? The Ratchet games have a special power over anyone that plays them. A lot of games have skill points and stunt lists, especially nowadays with trophies and achievements. Though I have never seen a game convince so many people to actually work through it’s list in the way that the Ratchet games do. I know far more people who have worked for those skill points than any platinum trophy out there. It’s been confirmed that you’ll need to find every zoni there is to fight the final “uber-boss” and unlock that prestigious platinum trophy. These planets aren’t going to be something you’ll want to miss out.

It won’t be easy though. Insomniac have fully taken advantage of the fact that the moons are optional and will be ramping their difficulty right up to really challenge the hardcore platformer. This prospect alone gives me goosebumps. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a proper 3D platformer and even longer since we’ve seen one that actually dares to give us any grief so between these and the hardcore optional time puzzles in Clank’s levels, there will be a lot for us hardened players to sink our teeth into.

Travel between the moons doesn’t have to be dull though as there’s a four station radio which has been added to Ratchet’s ship to give us maximum enjoyment as we move around the galaxy. These will play out music, chat and movie trailers which will no doubt be full of the trademark humor we all expect from the series. As well as easy listening, old characters will throw in their voices to reveal the answers to any unanswered questions from the storylines.

Here’s a video of it all in action. I can’t wait!

Source: US Blog