Uncharted 2 Gets Machinima Mode

Machinima has been around for a while now but few games have actively taken a step towards promoting their IP as a creative tool for making videos. After the success of the much loved Red Vs Blue, Halo 3 did a great job of allowing fans of the series to utilise the fantastic multiplayer mode to record and create their own movies. since then, a handful of titles have purposefully aimed themselves towards the Machinima genre including an entire game based on and around making movies but, unfortunately, most of those are PC only.

We’ve recently seen Stage Set make use of Home’s capabilities but Uncharted 2 looks to be the first PlayStation game to have an entire mode dedicated to the genre. As I’m sure you’re aware, Naughty Dog’s blockbuster sequel already has a cinema mode attached to the multiplayer, much like that of Halo 3’s, but Machinima mode takes things several steps beyond anything seen in a AAA release.


Thanks partly to the genius of getting Machinima.com on board to help design the mode, Naughty Dog lets you loose on all manner of tools to get the shot you want. Their video interview with Justin Richmond tells you all you need to know so feast your eyes and let your imagination run wild.