You’ll Always Be The King Of This Town

If there’s one thing you can’t deny, Rockstar know how to make a great trailer for their games. Their latest Xbox 360 exclusive DLC for Grand Theft Auto 4, the Ballad of Gay Tony, launches October 29th as both a digital download and as part of the rather clever stand-alone disk “Episodes from Liberty City”. Clever, because whilst I own GTA 4 for the PlayStation 3, I now no longer need to buy the full game on the 360 just to be able to play Lost and The Damned and this brand new episode, because the disk doesn’t require the original game – great move, Rockstar.

The trailer looks astoundingly good – the helicopters are in, along with parachutes, plus plenty of great cut-scenes as we’ve come to expect.  As we said in our screenshots post, we still think there’s been some kind of visual update to the engine going on as there appears to be more people, more explosions and far better models all around, but we won’t know that for sure until we get behind the controls proper in a few weeks.  So people, if you’ve got an Xbox 360, is this a must buy?  Now that both episodes are ‘out’, do we think that massive investment from Microsoft will finally pay off?  I’m in.