GW: Demographics

This is a very strange situation to be in. Co-Founder of TheSixthAxis, great writer and good friend Michael has submitted to Guest Writer. Without making too much fuss, Michael was one of the reasons why I hung around TSA Towers in the beginning. He was one of the people that made me want to write for the site and write more in general. He was an inspiration and a guiding light for us all. But then he buggered off and left us with no milk in the fridge so sod him…


I’ve been doing a bit of research into the games that certain groups of people like to play.  I thought it would be fairly straightforward; footballers like PES and FIFA, race-car drivers like DiRT and GT, but the results confounded my expectations.

Footballers: Summer Olympics video games as they are all partial to the diving events.

Rock climbers: prefer episodic games, because they enjoy a good cliff hanger.

Roofers: like getting drunk in GTAIV’s bars as they are always up for a night on the tiles.

Swimmers: everyone questioned answered, “I’d like to get WET!”

Farmers: SingStar or Rockband, something about the applause and the fact they love to milk it.

Formula One Drivers: they can’t get enough of stat-grinding MMORPGs because they love doing boring, repetitive tasks at high speed, and they’ll cut corners to get them done.

Fencers: enjoy dabbling with the Monkey Island adventures because of the rapier wit.

Linguists: particularly fond of the Harry Potter games as they like to spell.

Porn Stars: will play most games, but only if they’re hard.

Surgeons: anything by Peter Molyneux so they can live out their God fantasies without killing real people.