Sonic Returns To 2D In Project: Needlemouse

SEGA have just unveiled Project Needlemouse, a brand new HD side scrolling Sonic game promising great things for fans of the hedgehog’s classic 2D games.  Whether or not SEGA will be able to resist daft 3D sections too remains to be seen, but hopefully they’ll stay true to their fan’s wishes.  Great timing on SEGA’s part, too, what with the Dreamcast’s 10 year anniversary today, on 9/9/2009.

“Old-school Sonic fans have long asked to see Sonic return to a more 2D style of gameplay,” said Ken Ballough, talking to Gamespot.  “Many liked the daytime stages in Unleashed, but wanted to see a game that plays purely similar to the early games of the Genesis. Project Needlemouse is that critical first step that brings Sonic back to his 2D roots.”  The trailer doesn’t give much away, but those trademark ‘ring’ sounds still sound great.


When asked about the type of game Project Needlemouse would be, Ken said “I can tell you it’s a brand new 2D adventure coming out in 2010, it’s in HD, and to definitely stay tuned. You can definitely expect HD graphics.”  Well, you’ve certainly got our attention, so that’s 2010 marked in the calendar.  Yes, the whole year.  Now, where’s our Dreamcast games ported onto the PSN Store, SEGA?  Sony?

Thanks, Erroneus.