Operation Flashpoint: Eagle Offence Mission

As we reach the end of September we’re in the calm before the storm so take a deep breath and relax, now try and remember all the games you want between now and Christmas. Was Codemasters Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising on your list? Well… it should be, if you want to know why then head right on over to our full hands-on preview when we got chance to grips with the huge game world, now recently lots of games have said they’re huge but this one really is, measuring 220km2 it would take one of the game’s marines nine and half hours to travel from end to end, if you go by helicopter it would still take sixteen minutes. Even the draw distance is huge as you can see for over 30km and it does look simply gorgeous.

Codemasters have just released more in game footage this time it’s the Eagle Offence Mission, a skirmish to capture an airfield – take a look below, in addition to this the latest developer diary was released last week, if you’ve not already seen that or you’re interested in how they could put such a guge world together then you can see that here.