Terror Is Reality

Capcom’s zombie-killing sequel, Dead Rising 2, has revealed the first videos of its multi-player mode. I think you will agree that what Capcom have produced is completely different to what anyone was expecting. Not a single shopping mall or casino in sight. Instead we have an arena, a Running Man-esque host and lots of Zombies, all wrapped up in a game show called ‘Terror Is Reality’.

Apparently it will be you and three others playing four different mini games including: ‘Ramster Ball’ (see what they did there) whereby you take control of a metal cage and roll over as many zombies as possible, ‘Headache’ whereby you place buckets on the heads of zombies and then throw dynamite around to destroy the other players’ buckets, ‘Pound of Flesh’ whereby you don an antler helmet (of course) and ram zombies onto a weighing scale for points and ‘Slicecycles’ whereby you jump on a motorcylce, which has been modified with chainsaws (oh yes!), with the aim to just run over as many undead as possible. The only downside to all of this would appear to be that a ‘bonus game’ at the end offers so many point opportunities that it renders the points you have acquired in the previous rounds…well pointless!


Sounds like a night out in Cardiff if you ask me! Still, it looks fun (for 5 minutes if nothing else), it is ‘different’ and it’s pure Capcom.



Source: Joystiq