UK Retailers Drop PSP GO Price

Have you got a PSP Go already? Did your inner gadget-geek get the best of your wallet? Well, if the answer is ‘Yes’, and I know our very own Tom did, then you might not be so happy to hear that you could have saved yourself £25. Okay so it’s not a huge saving but still, a £25 drop in price within a week is quite something and surely a sign of things to come, no?

UK retailers such as HMV, GAME, and Amazon are now selling the PSP Go at £199. There has been much debate surrounding the apparently over-priced hardware with people, like myself, asking if it’s justified, especially seeing as they have removed the most expensive part. I reported a few weeks back that some European retailers are refusing to sell the product due to high cost and no follow up sales, and apparently some UK chains are doing the same.

But despite all the arguing over price, Sony have said that the PSP Go has matched their initial expectations, selling the same amount of units as the PSP3000.

My inner gadget-geek, well I say inner, i’m a blatant gadget-geek , does want one even though I’m not a huge fan of handheld gaming. I think it might be the flippy-up screen. It’s calling me!