PlayStation Store Hits Amazon

Want to buy your downloadable PS3 games via Amazon? Well, now you can, assuming of course that you’re based in America as (surprise surprise) we couldn’t see a similar option on the site.  The selection’s not great and at this stage I can’t compare the prices with the regular PSN Store, but I’d assume they’re the same, with titles like PixelJunk Racers available for a cent under seven dollars.


Amazon tell us that buyers will be able to get their redeemable PlayStation Network Online Game Code immediately after purchase. All you have to do is then enter that code through the PlayStation Store on the PlayStation 3 and start downloading your game. You can also gift your Online Game Code after purchase via e-mail.  Pretty cool, and let’s hope us Europeans get a similar option at some point too, unless I just missed the link of course…

Via GAF.