Next Gen XBox Secures Its GPU




Reports are coming in that GPU manufacturer, AMD/ATI, have secured a deal with Microsoft to supply them with their next-gen (8th generation) console’s chip technology. Aside from the fact that this proves the Next-Generation is well under way, it also means that backward compatibility may be more than possible on the new XBox. The company already build the 360’s Xenos GPU.

There are no details in regards to the chip’s appearance but some are expecting it to be a 28nm part. This news has also been accompanied by reports that both Microsoft and Sony have now settled on 2012 as the year we will see any Next-Gen products. Microsoft had apparently earmarked 2010 for their new console but it would seem that the 360, and the PS3 for Sony, will remain their priorities for a few more years.

Source: Fudzilla via Edge Online