Uncharted 2 Gets Multiplayer Update

Most of us here in the EU have yet to bask in the glory that is Uncharted 2, and yet Naughty Dog are already hard at work at improving the multiplayer aspect of the game. In a post on their website Naughty Dog have announced that they have updated the multiplayer matchmaking system with some new playlists, as well as modifying existing ones.

Naughty Dog have also said that they are ‘constantly evaluating the multiplayer’ and that they ‘plan on updating it on a regular basis’. It’s great news to hear that a developer is keen on keeping their work fresh and exciting. If Naughty Dog have been working with Guerilla Games then maybe some of their commitment to games such as Killzone 2 has rubbed off. Either way, I have very few doubts at the moment that Naughty Dog will let us down.


Below you will find a list of changes included in the update:

  • Deathmatch: Now contains ONLY straight Deathmatch matches (no variations)
  • Elimination: Elimination matches only
  • Objectives: All Objective based game types
  • Ranked: Objective and Deathmatch game types, Skill Level tracked
  • All Competitive Modes: Every Competative and Obective game type, including Deathmatch variations
  • Co-op Objective: You and your friends take the world
  • Co-op Arena: Survive the onslaught!