TSA Video Content?

I’ve been really busy this week. It’s what I like to call “invisibly busy” though so you guys probably thought I was laying low, on holiday or being slowly erased from history by an evil overlord in an underground conspiracy to force the world to accept servitude at the hands of an oppressive dystopic state. I wasn’t any of those things though. I was playing with videos.

We haven’t done any original video content here on TSA before. When we have video we usually just post the trailers we get in press packs or embed other people’s YouTube stuff that we think you’ll find interesting. So it’s been difficult to try to come up with something that we could do which is original and amusing but hopefully unique to TSA. There is one project complete which will be on the site as soon as I get clearance to show it but I’d really like to tap into what you guys want for the future.

Please let me know in the comments what sort of original video content you would like to see from us and I’ll try to think of a way that we can do it. In the meantime, here’s a little taster video of PSN stuff that I put together whilst trying to learn how to do it.