Lunchtime Discussion: The PSPgo

I’ve been the happy owner of a PSPgo for (when this story goes live) precisely one week. Last Friday I nipped into GameStation, gave the man two hundred and twenty five of my hard earned pounds and walked out with what is essentially my third PSP. I sold my original Japanese 1000 a while back, but you’d think I’d be keeping my UMD playing 2000 model, right? Wrong – it’s already sold, or at least traded in for services yet to be rendered. Why? Because barring Lumines and a few other disks I picked up cheap I now have all the games I need stored on the Go’s super fast internal memory and don’t have any need to keep the older Slim.

My ‘game’ menu now plays host to: Gran Turismo, PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe, Motorstorm, GTA: Chinatown Wars, Daxter, Resistance: Retribution, Patapon, Everybody’s Golf 2, Monster Hunter Portable: Unite, a couple of preview builds of games I can’t talk about yet and a few Minis. Seriously, what else do I need? I’ve already beaten Locoroco to a pulp but there’s nothing stopping me grabbing that on the Store a little further down the line, and then there’s the new Halloween themed one next week anyway, right?  I honestly can’t think of any game I’m ‘missing out on’ by not having the ability to play UMDs – I’m sure you’ll come up with a couple, but I’ll cope.


So, how’s the Go?  It’s great.  The screen’s a massive leap over my 2000 model, with crisp, vivid colours and the slightly smaller screen actually makes games look higher resolution because of the closer packed pixels.  Form wise I’ve had no problems with the way the Go wants you to hold it, the analog stick actually feels much more intuitive where it is now and the d-pad’s dreamy so no complaints there.  I also love the sliding top part, and the way the XMB moves offscreen to make way for the clock and calendar, which gentle bobs up and down on the PlayStation wave, is wonderful and really quite fun to mess around with.  There’s nothing I don’t like about the Go.  Nothing.

But this wouldn’t be a Lunchtime Discussion if it was all one way, so what are your thoughts on the Go?  Has the recent influx of PSP titles and content onto the PSN Store convinced you that Sony are in this for the long haul?  Are you happy with the amount of games currently available for the handheld?  If you’ve already got a PSP what would make you want to make the switch to the Go?  What are your thoughts on the PSP Reward Scheme – is it enough?  All these questions I worked over in my mind last week before finally deciding on plumping down the cash, but the gadget freak in me made my mind up a little quicker than any amount of rational thought might have done.

The PSPgo’s expensive, but for me it’s the ultimate PSP, but what are your thoughts on it?