Sunday Thoughts: 25/10/09

I’m going to be a dad. The image here is of my baby in its first scan, so there’s still six months or so left to fix the planet before he or she is born.  My father got me into computing when I was four – messing with BASIC on the ZX Spectrum, discovering colour clash, looking forward for a whole month for an edition of magazine with a map of Auf Wiedersehen Monty in it, and arguing in the playground with Commodore 64 owners about which machine had the best version of Outrun.  The internet has spoiled all that, for sure.

Whilst I’m the happiest man alive right now, you can see from the photograph that junior’s got gamer’s claw already – his thumb’s positioned perfectly for an analog stick and the little fingers are gripped around the sides of a controller – when he or she is old enough I won’t need to gravitate them towards video gaming, it’s now such an massive part of childhood and social interaction that all that will just come naturally. But how will gaming be in 4 and half years?  We’ll certainly be onto the next generation of consoles and magazines will be dead…

Maybe I should just be worrying about nappies, sleepless nights and being skint.