Ratchet Earns Reward Points

If you have played the two previous games in the Ratchet and Clank Future series then Insomniac have some in-game rewards for you. Just as Naughty Dog rewarded players of Drake’s Fortune in Among Thieves, so Insomniac are rewarding players of A Crack in Time who have saves for Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty on their HDDs.

A Tools of Destruction save game will be rewarded with discounts at the weapons merchants on weapons that appeared in the earlier game.  Specifically these are the Negotiator, Buzz Blades, Mag-Net Launcher, Mr Zurkon and the always popular Groovitron Glove.


Those of us with a Quest for Booty save game will receive a purely decorative pirate hat for Ratchet to wear on the game’s Community screen.

In other Insomniac news, James Stevenson, their Senior Community Manager, has said that the PS3 still has more to give.

I still think you’re not going to see the PS3 really maxed out for another two to three years. We’re using all of the PS3 right now, but you can always be more efficient in the way you use it.

Developers often talk up how they are making the best use of the hardware shortly before their new games are released but this is at least a more open statement than Naughty Dog’s recent simple boast about using 100% of the PS3’s SPUs.

Stevenson also puts a different spin on what other developers have said about the PS3 being difficult to develop on:

The PlayStation platforms are built with a very high ceiling and I think that’s part of the success Sony has had in creating these platforms with really long life spans.

Presumably by “very high ceiling” he means one which is very difficult to reach.  Consider the improvements made between iterations of exclusive games on this generation’s two HD consoles.  Do you think the improvements between, for example, Forza 2 and Forza 3 or Gears 1 and Gears 2 are greater than those between Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 2?