Bioshock 2: Capture The Sister

Bioshock 2 is one of those games where you think: ‘How can they make multi-player work?’ Well, down at Digital Extremes, they are making it work. Not only that, but they have found the perfect game mode for Bioshock. It’s called ‘Capture The Sister’. Okay, so it’s nothing more than a shake-up of the staple multi-player mode, Capture The Flag; but who needs to be inventing original modes when you can tailor an old favourite to meet your needs?

Here we have a short video for your enjoyment. It’s going to be mayhem down in Rapture. The idea is that one team has to capture the Little Sisters with the intention of harvesting the ADAM from their tiny little bodies, whilst the other team try to rescue the Little Sisters. Whilst many of you are probably thinking: ‘Great! An opportunity to kill the brats without the game making me feel guilty’, you may want to hold of on that thought as playing as their protectors will grant one member of the team the ability to play as a Big Daddy. The embargo of Bioshock 2 lifts today so expect to hear lots more over the next couple of days.