GTA 5 Set In London?

I had a quick blast on the new Episodes From Liberty City last night – well, the first few levels of Gay Tony, anyway – and it’s great. However, I didn’t take my time to read through the manual of the game, apparently missing out on this little portion of it, discovered in the GameTrailers forums. It appears to be an advert for a made-up theatre performance, but could also allude to the location of the next Grand Theft Auto.


Certainly, this appears to be Rockstar signing off on Liberty City, so whether or not GTA 5 is set in the Big Smoke or not we’ll have to wait and see. Certainly, there’s a Seagull Theatre in London, and as GoOnlineGames says, the little chap in the corner bears more than a passing resemblance to the Monopoly guy. The real mystery is what the image below the ripped out section is meant to be…