Uncharted 2 At Halloween

Earlier today it was announced that Uncharted 2 was getting a Halloween update. I have since been online and loaded up multi-player only to be surprised that in all Deathmatch and Elimination modes, your characters will be replaced by either Skelzor or Dead Explorer! What a nice touch, Naughty Dog. Thanks! I was expecting for these to be random characters or special moments but, happily, we get to enjoy them for the whole weekend. Many have you have probably aready been online and found this out for yourselves, but for those of you who weren’t that fussed, you should definitely check it out.

I had a quick couple of games and took some pictures for your amusement. This is good a time as any to remind people of the Uncharted 2: Screen Shot Forum that has been going since the Beta. Get over there and show us your creative skills. The update also includes solutions for those with SD TV’s so you have no excuse not to get your photographic-eye in!

I don’t like to brag but I think the first photo is awesome!