Microsoft Removing ‘Cheating’ Cross Game Chat

Activision appear to have got their own way with Modern Warfare 2 (again) as the previously universal Party Chat – the built in tool that lets you chat with your friends regardless of game or team – is being removed to prevent cheating if the image below is to be believed. Basically, if you’re in a Party Chat when you start playing the latest Call of Duty the message will pop up saying that if you want to continue, you’ll need to be in the Game Chat (which will then obviously cancel your private Party Chat).


Although the PS3 version doesn’t yet have this feature, there’s not a chance I’ll personally be going online with the 360 version if I can’t stay in a private chat lobby – I don’t handle screaming kids particularly well and for whatever reason the PS3 still seems to be reasonably nob-free online.  Still, an interesting idea – Party Chat has, in the past, been used to ‘infiltrate’ enemy teams with the microphone conversation allowing dead opposing team members to indentify targets.  I’ll stick to Liam ramming me off the road in Forza, then, and get MW2 for the PS3.

Source: NeoGAF, via Examiner (blog). Thanks, mjohnson.