Yoshida Admits PSP Was Neglected

Sony’s Worldwide Studios head, Shuhei Yoshida, talked to Gamasutra recently and was suprisingly candid. He admits that the PSP was neglected during the launch of the PS3,

‘A couple of years ago we clearly put too much focus on PS3 titles and that caused a lack of support for the PSP,’ he said, ‘So we need to be focused and gear a lot of our resources back to the PSP, and we have many titles this year. We are continuing to support the PSP. We didn’t announce new titles at this TGS, but in the near future we’ll have some announcements.’


Shuhei Yoshida also acknowledged Japanese developers are lagging behind their western counterparts,

“Those companies, including our studios, took more time and need more time to get their arms around this generation of technology. I think that you could see on the show floor that this is the year that Japanese publishers are putting more efforts in bringing their major franchises to the PS3.”

Nice for them admit where they went wrong, now if we can just have an apology for the terrible PS3 launch TV adverts we can group hug and move on.