Uncharted: The Movie And Uncharted 3

Two bits of information reveal that the Uncharted universe is set to expand even further. Amy Hennig, the Creative Director of Naughty Dog, has confirmed that Uncharted: The Movie is in the pipeline and that it is being taken on by Columbia Pictures. It’s no secret that movies based on games, and vice versa, aren’t exactly…good, but, in an interview with New York Entertainment, she has said:

We’ve got the best possible partners we could in Columbia Pictures. If anybody’s got any fears of them not understanding the material or not loving it as much as we do, they can wipe those fears away, because these guys really get it. I can say from the meetings I’ve had with them so far, their hearts and their heads are absolutely in the right place.

This is good news for any Uncharted fan; the last thing we want to see is Drake in a sub-standard movie tie-in, especially when the games do the PS3 so proud.


Another question posed to Mrs. Hennig was regarding Uncharted 3 and whether or not it would be on the PS3. As always, the answer was hidden and the response was cryptic:

I don’t think I’m able to talk about any of that right now. On a completely general level, the PS3 is an amazing piece of hardware that both us and other developers are only now tapping into its full potential. There’s a lot of life in that box. That’s really the best answer I can give you.

I’ll let you decide that statment’s meaning. Meanwhile, in the December edition of OPM, Uncharted 2’s multiplayer designer – Justin Richmond – has responded to the question of: ‘How do you top Uncharted2?’ by saying ‘do more of it’.

The guys back at the office are already starting to look at optimising the engine, getting more stuff on screen – all the stuff that we’ve done in this project that we could do better with.

Again, i’ll let you read into that however you like.

On a personal note, in regards to the film, if they don’t get Nolan North or Nathan Fillion in as Drake, then I will be a little bit gutted.


Source: OPM & NYMag via PS3News