Lunchtime Discussion: Who Would You Be?

The gaming landscape is populated with an array of characters that developers have created for our playing pleasure. Whether it’s the weighty might of Master Chief or handsome verve of Nathan Drake, the lithe agility of Lara or furry playfulness of Ratchet, we’re well served with different roles to play.

In my early gaming years I played as a little pixelly blip in Cybertron Mission, and then as Daredevil Dennis in the game of the same name. Later came the magical Wizball, and who could forget Rick Dangerous?

These characters and the games they exist in allow us to play out scenarios we never would in the real world. Some of the characters become such a part of our lives that we start to imagine having their abilities in our daily lives. We’ve all tried to stealthily sneak into our offices in homage to Solid Snake, right?

The question is; if you could be a video game character, which one would you be and why?

Me? I’d be Steven Gerrard from FIFA 10. Playing for Liverpool FC would be the ultimate for me. Ok, ok, so that’s not a great example. If I was to be a proper video game character I’d be Dante from the first Devil May Cry. He’s charismatic, physically imposing, and has massive weapons; what’s not to like?

Thanks to Michael for the inspiration for this post.