R&C Action Figures Are Here, Nearly

If you’ve ever been in a gaming outlet and looked longingly at the shelves of Halo and Gears Of War action figures, and wished you could buy some of your favourite PlayStation based characters then your luck is in. Insomniac have just shown the first pic of of their new characters, looking all smart in fancy PS3 packaging.

The idea that PlayStation characters would be appearing as action figures was first mooted earlier this year around March, when Sony mentioned that they had signed a deal with a manufacturer to make all the usual sorts of merchandising and products that other brands have done for eons. If memory serves me correct Kratos was also mentioned as a possible candidate for the DC Direct produced figures, although with Christmas coming up I’m pretty sure a large Sackboy soft toy/drinks container/lunchbox/pencil cases etc. would be a big seller especially considering the eBay prices of the limited edition knitted Sackboys. No firm word on release dates yet, although some retailers are listing them as being released on 31/12/09 which seems to somewhat miss the point of the Christmas season when hundreds of thousands of parents are looking for stocking fillers, duh.