Lunchtime Discussion: Your Best Time

Time is…RUNNING OUT! Lalalalalalala!

Excellent. Bit of Muse for you there. No idea if the lyrics are correct or not, but I’m really not that bothered. It’s more the general head-banging excitement of having just eaten a rather large slice of chocolate cake that I’m concerned with. When I say concerned, I mean it in the way I’d be concerned if Angelina Jolie popped round for tea and was using tea as a euphemism. As in, I would not be concerned at all.

Time though. It is running out. At least for me today. Which is why this Lunchtime Discussion has been written with as much care and attention to detail as Gordon Brown uses when running the country.

Time is important in video games. I remember the time Torr kept us waiting for TSA Towers, for instance. Or the time I posted on a Gran Turismo track once, when I thought I’d done really well only to realise I’d mistaken seconds for minutes.

Best times then: One-off, best time you’ve had involving video games. SingStar session? Multi-player mayhem? Two things stand out for me: firstly, going to Blackpool with a mate, about 25 years ago, and playing on Super Sprint and Rampage and Gauntlet all day; secondly, my aggressively entertaining video-captured rendition of Kasabian’s Club Foot on SingStar. You should check it out, it’s amazing.