Singstar Starter Pack For Europe

I can’t find any mention of this pack being released in the UK so I’ve had to run an article in German through Babelfish. It’s a couple of Singstar mics, five tracks on disc and some free downloads and it’s out next week. Handy for those of you who want a cheap entry in to the Singstar games but it’s pretty dull news. Why not read the rather brilliant Babelfish translation of a portion of the orginal article instead.

Voices oiled and lips geschürzt. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) presents the SingStar® starter luggage as inexpensive entrance into the schillernde world the star and to asterisks. The Wireless SingStar® microphones are naturally contained in the starters luggage. Starters the luggage – now it goes loosely! With five Top-10-Hits on Blu ray Disc and the Songpack „Partykracher “offers sufficient TRACKs to singing star starter luggage, in order to prove its talent.


All the same whether James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado with „Broken stringer “or the Nummer-1-Hit „poker Face “of lady Gaga – here participates from the romantic Ballade up to the party ear worm for each future singing star something. The Songpack completely simply over the SingStore™ already download and gerockt to Mando Diaos „Dance with Somebody “or „scandal in the restricted area “of the Spider Murphy course.

Get your voices oiled, then, for James Morrison and Lady Gaga in Singing Star Something!

Source: GRDB