Bobby Kotick Cashes In

Robert Kotick, the man who was instrumental in Modern Warfare 2’s high RRP, has just netted himself over $20 million. Activision’s CEO has cashed in stock that was put aside for him in 2000 and, with share prices peaking at $11.5107 during the sale of his shares, he has now pocketed more than $20,191,806.

Mr. Kotick shed 1,931,102 shares to earn his latest cash sum. According to Gamasutra, he shed around 2 million shares back in August when Activision’s stock rose to $12.44 per share; earning him another $25 million.

Now, I’m not going to go on one of my usual rants because It will only smack of jealousy. This is great business sense and congratulations to him. I will say this…

It puts Activision’s $1 million donation to US troops into perspective.