PS3s Catch Perverts

What a remarkable chunk of hardware the PS3 is, it does games, Blu-ray, internet, video chat, helps cure cancer and now is using its little grey cell processers to catch perverts. Claude E. Davenport, a senior special agent at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Cyber Crimes Centre says,

“Bad guys are encrypting their stuff now, so we need a methodology of hacking on that to try to break password. The Playstation 3 – it’s processing component – is perfect for large-scale library attacks.”


By ‘library attacks’ he means using the PS3 to check the 281,474,976,710,656 possibilities of a six digit password, not that they are going to fling an armed PS3 in to a perverts book club.

The agency network of PS3s can process 4 million passwords a second and at $300 a console, much cheaper than the server combination they used previously. Once the PS3 network has cracked the code then the encrypted files can be used as evidence to catch the paedophiles.

Source: AxcessNews