All the Twos, £119.97

Three games. Three games releasing within two weeks, two of which release on the same day, that I want to buy. I’ve already got one of them, because it released 7 days ago, whilst the the second two edge slowly closer, winking at me suggestively with their breasts out.

You’ve probably already guessed it, but the first game, the one I’ve already bought and completed, is Modern Warfare 2. I bought that on Friday, for £39.99, started playing it properly on Sunday (I was busy all weekend) and finished it yesterday. It was pretty good, but let’s not get into that.

The second two? One of these games is, shockingly enough, Left 4 Dead 2, whilst the other is Assassin’s Creed 2. Both of these release on Friday. Obviously, with Modern Warfare 2 costing me £39.99 due to everywhere that was selling it cheaper selling out, and with L4D2 and AC2 probably going to cost me £39.99 each too, I really can not afford all of these games.

So, I was almost considering trading MW2 to get either L4D2 or Assassin’s Creed 2 when I suddenly noticed a common theme between the three games, and a few recent games that I was anticipating before their release. They are all sequels or, more specifically, they are all first sequels – the second generation of a franchise.

Left 4 Dead 2, Modern Warfare 2, Assassin’s Creed 2, Uncharted 2, they’re all over the place. Incidentally, this doesn’t actually make any difference to anything, except that I could use an odd title.

So yes, these three games are going to cost me £119.97, if not a bit more (or less). I could buy a lot of stuff for that. A weekend holiday in a cabin in Wales . Another £80.02 and I could get a 120gb PS3 slim. I can’t really afford this kind of thing, partly due to the current economy, but mostly due to my perpetual joblessness.

Publishers complain about the trade-in market, but what choice do we really have? With so many great games that cost so many great pounds in a not-so-great economical climate, there isn’t much I can do but trade in games I’m not playing any more so I can a new, better, sexier game that I will play.  I’m still going to struggle getting L4D2 and AC2 because I’ve actually ran out of games I can trade in – I’ve got some review code from a previous job, which obviously can’t be traded in, and some American imports that I can’t trade in either. Other than that, I’ve got games I don’t want to trade in, so I’m royally screwed if I want to assassinate historical figures or trick newbies into meleeing a Wandering Witch in the face in the near future.

I still feel that it’s ridiculous that 3 games cost me such a large amount of money. The fact that they’re very big games, too, means that I’m probably not going to be able to rent them for a while. I’m a very impatient person when it comes to games that I want (I will walk into town and buy a game from a store for more money than I would pay if I ordered it online just because I’ll get it immediately from the store. If I waited until Monday I probably could’ve got MW2 for £26, but no, I wanted to get it on the Friday, for £39.99).

Games are expensive. Gaming is an expensive habit. Writing about gaming is, if you can imagine, more expensive, because you’re expected to play the big games, and we don’t always get review code and, even if the site/magazine/whatever does, it doesn’t mean you will, it could be given to somebody else. Modern Warfare 2? Find a gaming journalist who hasn’t played it, I dare you – and no, not random gaming blog person, I mean someone who is or aspires to be a gaming journalist full time. It’s not exactly likely.

If you’re anything like me, you spend a ridiculous amount of money just on games every year, trade games in constantly to get other games, and you’re a bit weird. You’re probably also trying to figure out how to get L4D2 or AC2 for £20 or less somehow. Money sucks, you know?