EA Releases Pandemic Australia?

Gaming heavyweight – EA – are rumoured to have released Pandemic Studios; or at least the Australian branch. The developer, best known for the Destroy All Humans! franchise is one of two branches, the other being based in LA.

Kotaku are reporting that the Brisbane-based developer has not been ‘laid-off’ in the traditional sense of the word; it looks more like they have been set free. According to their un-named source, they have been allowed to retain their IP and even their equipment. It would appear that all Pandemic Australia need now is a new publisher.


EA have been making some very dramatic cuts recently and there has been no official confirmation/denial of the news regarding Pandemic’s fate. If they have indeed been released, then ‘The Saboteur’ will be under a lot of pressure to perform well. The remaining LA base may not be safe either, unfortunately.

EA’s official stance is that they will not be making any public announcements or comments regarding individual studios or facilities until February.