Firmware 3.10 Now Available

Although my PS3 is currently about 400 miles away, our ever present tipsters have been pinging us since about 4am – Firmware 3.10 is now available.  The update, which we’ve been teasing about since September (albeit getting the contents completely wrong) lets you change your PSN friend list colour (Peter says you need to tap X on your own friend list box and it’s there, somewhere), connect to Facebook and opens up the Video Store which we’ve been talking about all night.

I’m groggy as hell this morning, I think I’ve lost my voice (but don’t dare speak to check) and I’ve got Davs’ cold.  Let’s hope I’m back in time for the launch of the Video Store so I can sit at home with a Lemsip and a nice scary movie, like Leprechaun 5.  Yep, seriously, the Store has all 5 Leprechaun films.  I can’t check the PSP firmware either, but I’m assuming that’s also either live, or due to go live later today to enable access to the Video Store for the portable platform too.  Right, off for breakfast.


Thanks, BoyDay.