Jupiter For Noby Noby

It’s took quite some time, 275 days to be precise but over the weekend BOY had stretched enough for GIRL to reach Jupiter. Keita Takahashi, the producer of Noby Noby Boy had calculated that it would take 820 years of playing time for BOY to make his journey through the Solar System but due to weak sales, players have had their scores randomly multiplied to speed the journey up.

Jupiter sees the same sort of weirdness that featured in the game’s initial level, Earth and the two previous unlocks; Moon and Mars. Next in Noby Noby’s rather adventurous exploration of the Solar System is Saturn and TheSixthAxis will bring you the news as soon as it happens, if we remember (and there’s some healthy multipliers involved, otherwise we’ll all be dead). In the meantime you can sample Jupiter in the vid below.