Guitar Hero 6 News Leaked

“Oh – by the way – ‘Modern Day Cowboy’ is going to be on Guitar Hero 6,” said TESLA guitarist Frank Hannon, speaking to Brave Words, seemingly unaware that every gaming website on the planet will suddenly know how he is. Not that I’m not familiar with the works of TESLA myself, of course – I loved the thing they did with thingymajig with the wotsit in the music video that did that special trick half way through. Great stuff.  Rock on.

So, yeah, Guitar Hero 6 is coming, and we now know at least one track. My guess is that the game will incorporate the DJ Hero controller too, seeing as it says “GH5 Turntable” on the cardboard packaging of the bloody thing – presumably the turntable was meant to be part of the whole ‘band’ thing originally but somebody decided it could stand up to having its own game.


I’d give TESLA their own game – TESLA Hero – and throw in a really bad wig for £100. Bollocks, I’d buy it.

Thanks, Joystiq.