Free DLC Coming to Uncharted 2

A few days ago Uncharted’s developers Naughty Dog teased us on their Twitter feed that they were planning something special this weekend, by saying “Things are looking up that we’re going to have something quite awesome lined up for multiplayer at the end of this week”. They weren’t joking either, things are indeed looking up with the addition of a new, free multiplayer map. Yes, FREE which is amazing considering a virtual t-shirt costs four quid these days.

The new map is called “The Fort” and is a throwback map – it’s based on the “Fortress” chapter of UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune. The Fort is a long rectangular map with wide open spaces and excellent flank routes. Can’t take on the enemy head on? Take the tunnels into the basement to get behind the opposing team. There is a shotgun in the center of the map, but look out for people climbing up from below to pull you to your doom. Pay attention to the side room in the crypt, there is an RPG that is ripe for the taking.

The new map isn’t the only change they’ve made, as the banner ad which adorned the multiplayer menu screen has now been replaced with a player card showing your stats and links to global and friends list leaderboards. Naughty Dog being the dreadful teases that they are, also say “Oh, and don’t be surprised if that’s not the only delicious thing we’re doing for you this weekend…” which TheSixthAxis being the dreadful spoilers that we are, can tell you is a ‘double XP weekend’ where all your in-game points and cash are going to be doubled, making this weekend a great time to get in to Uncharted 2’s awesome multiplayer modes.

Source: Naughty Dog.