Red Dead Redemption: New Trailer


I was just about to say that Rockstar have earmarked April 2010 as the release month of Red Dead Redemption, which is more specific than the previously stated Spring 2010, and also remind you to keep an eye out for their official second trailer entitled ‘My Name Is John Marston’, which is due to be revealed on Tuesday 1st December…

But then I noticed that it had been leaked on to Youtube. I was seconds away from publishing the trailer for all of you to gaze at when it was suddenly pulled from the video sharing site due to a copyright claim from Take2. I did however see the video that will become available on December 1st.


Needless to say, it looks amazing.

If you’re quick or Take 2 are slow you might be able to catch a glimpse here. But we didn’t tell you that. Oh, and it looks amazing, we did tell you that. Cue the “Grand Theft Auto: Dodge City” jokes…

UPDATE: The second source for the video has also been instructed to remove it by Rockstar. If you missed these sneak peek opportunities, then you’ll now have to wait until Tuesday 1st December in order to get the latest from Red Dead Redemption.

UPDATE #2: Ahem……..Look over there!

UPDATE #3: The last source has been ‘Rick Roll’d’!