Ubisoft’s 2010 Waggle Line-up Favours Natal

In a financial earnings call late Monday, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot stated that the company is working on twice as many motion control games for the Xbox 360’s new Natal hardware as it is for the PlayStation 3’s wand – sphere – thing.  The Xbox 360 titles will “come for Natal during the first six months of the launch,” said Guillemot, following with “we expect four to five games for [Sony’s motion controller].”

“That’s the picture at the moment. It can change in the next 12 months.”


Expect the majority of the motion-control only games to be fairly casual, with “70%” of them being “new property”.  Other games, such as the recently announced Prince of Persia were not included in the above estimates, but may well include motion control features as an additional gameplay mechanic.  We’d expect Ubisoft’s support for the new hardware (on both platforms) to be considerably more than most publishers at this stage.