Record of Agarest War: Bigger Than Home

You’ve got to giggle when developers think it’s a good idea to offer an eight gigabyte download for a PSN title.  PSN titles should be tiny little downloads that make an impulse buy an easy decision, but Aksys’s Record of Agarest War isn’t going to be one of those games.  “It looks like the final size is going to be somewhere around 8-10 gigs,” says a forum administrator for the company, rather oblivious to the reality.

“It sounds like a lot, I know, but I’ve been downloading the debug ROMs at home to take the load off our office internet, and they only take a few hours–I usually start them when I leave for work, and they’re done by lunch. My internet connection is nothing special either–about 500 kb/s on a good day.”  Good for you mate, but here in Europe where the PSN Store is powered by an Amiga, I’m banking on two days of downloading.

Thanks, W3r3w0lf, via SiliconEra.