Uncharted 2 Glitches Spoil The Party

People often ask me why I don’t choose to compete online in multiplayer games. Sure, I don’t have the time, patient or skills to excel at the highest level, but I also don’t have the inclination either when games like Uncharted 2 are populated with idiotic cheaters who appear to have nothing better to do than spoil the fun of those that want to play the game properly.  The latest issue facing Naughty Dog’s online team are the ‘out of level’ glitchers that manage to wrangle their way out of a level using a number of underhand cheat methods, and then proceed to snipe the opposing team from the safety of their invisibility.


As an example, these ‘players’, photographed by a GAF member, glitched out of The Fort as a team proving the idea was a co-ordinated, pre-meditated one, designed to do nothing else but tip the game in their favour.  I’m assuming they don’t have the skill to compete online either, then, but do have the desire (and lack of moral fibre) to cheat their way up the leaderboards.  Naughty Dog have the ability, we’re told, to patch levels in real-time to stop this sort of thing happening, so let’s hope they’re reading this and are aware of the problems.  Me?  I’ll just stick to single player and the odd game of co-op with people I know.

Image: NeoGAF.