Some Minis Will Need Some TLC

Although news of the recent Firmware update for the PS3 to enable PSP Minis (now just called Minis) to run on the PS3 is most welcome, TheSixthAxis has learnt that not all Minis are created equal, and some will need a little bit of work before they run on the PlayStation 3 – we’re reasonably sure this is what happened to Cubixx last week and the emulation problem was what the developer of said Minis was referring to.

It’s not bad news, though – a quick chat just now with our chap at Sony HQ suggests that at the very worst, you’ll just need to re-download any affected Minis which will then simply allow you to pick up the latest version if one is required.  Either way, the news is great – some of the Minis we’ve played (like Mahjongg, Kahoots and Blast Off) are utterly brilliant and deserve some extra playtime on the PSP’s big brother too.