Darksiders: UK Pre-Order Incentives

THQ have announced the pre-order incentives that will be coming to the UK for the January 8th 2010 release of Darksiders. There are 5 options for you depending on your retailer of choice.

  • Option 1 – GAME
    • If you order Darksiders from GAME then you will receive an exclusive weapon to use in-game. Called ‘The Harvester’, this scythe is Death’s weapon of choice.
  • Option 2 – Play.com
    • Purchase your copy of Darksiders from Play.com and you’ll receive an exclusive code for a War costume for PlayStation Home or Xbox Live.
  • Option 3 – Amazon:
    • If you rely on Amazon for your games then you’ll receive a Ruin Head Mask for Playstation Home or Xbox Avatar.
  • Option 4 – Gamestation:
    • Ordering from Gamestation will net you an exclusive Darksiders comic; drawn by ex-Marvel artist – Joe Madureira.
  • Option 5 – HMV
    • Turning to HMV for your copy will earn you an exclusive ‘Your Last Centrefold’ calandar.

So, take your pick. Pictures of all the choices are below.