Lunchtime Discussion: Regenerative or Limited?

What happened to the good ol’ days of having to plan your route via medical kits? What happened to the tension that comes with knowing you are only one bullet away from restarting from last checkpoint and yet the health boost is at the other end of this room filled with armed goons hell bent on pumping you full of more metal than Wolverine?….Take deep breath.

If you didn’t guess, I’m talking about the ever changing health modes within games. Nowadays it’s hard to name a game that doesn’t feature regenerative health; apart than racing games and the like, but they don’t count so ssssh! Personally I hate it. I don’t want to get shot several times and then have to hide for a minute before i’m able to once again see my character on the screen. I want to know that I have 3 health packs in my inventory and that in order to gain access to the big boss man I need to use them wisely and sparingly, which in turn means that I have to go about my game with some degree of skill and thought. I don’t like the fact that I can now run into a group of enemies firing wildly, all the while knowing that as soon as my screen goes red, or black & white (which seems to be the developers favourite these days), I have to get to safety.

Sure, it doesn’t mean that games have become easier. Play Uncharted 2 on crushing or Killzone 2 on Elite and you’ll realise that you are given about as much health as a two-legged dog with asthma and therefore the regenerative health option almost becomes defunct.


What do you prefer? Do you like the new wave of games that feature regenerative health, or like me, do you prefer the trusty medi-pack approach?