Guardian Writer Claims PS3 Is A “Disappointment For Gamers”

We picked up on this earlier this afternoon, but it’s probably worth further discussion – Guardian writer Steve Boxer has claimed that the PlayStation 3 is a “disappointment for gamers” in one of the strangest articles I’ve read on their website.  In the piece, entitled “Which games console is right for you?” Boxer says, in addition to the rather bold statement above, that the PS3 is “still too pricey” (at £250, Steve, really?) and is an attractive purchase only for “those with an obsession with the PlayStation brand.”

Tell me, who is he speaking for here?  Gamers?  Well, I’m a gamer and I’m not disappointed with the PS3, so he’s not speaking for me with that sweeping generalisation (or others).  “The Xbox has the edge over Sony’s PS3,” he comments, without further explanation, and PC games “require a powerful 3D graphics card” before following the obvious with “because few Macs have these, most publishers ignore them.”  I’m all for personal opinion, but I really can’t see what The Guardian are getting at here with this article.  Who’s it aimed at?


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Via Destructoid.

Nintendo Wii

With its TV remote-style controller that can be wielded like a bat, sword or even a gun, the Wii offers a perfect introduction to videogames. But the graphics aren’t as pretty as its two more technologically advanced rivals, and really ground-breaking Wii games come along very infrequently.

Microsoft Xbox 360 (pictured)

If you fancy something more heavyweight with the best games portfolio and aren’t scared of using a “joypad” to control the action (primarily with your thumbs), the Xbox has the edge over Sony’s PS3. But the £150 Arcade version is all but useless without a hard disk – go for the £200 Elite model.

Sony PlayStation 3

Whereas the PlayStation 2 once dominated its rivals, the PS3 is a disappointment for gamers. Former PlayStation exclusives such as Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto are now available for rival consoles from the day of release and, at £250, PS3 is still too pricey. An attractive purchase only for those with an obsession with the PlayStation brand.


Many consol games are available on the PC, but the best require a powerful 3D graphics card. Because few Macs have these, most publishers ignore them.