Games To Be Sold By Vending Machines

Pop247 vending machines are heading towards cinemas, supermarkets, airports and universities. The scheme has been rolled out across America and is now heading towards Blighty arriving in 150 of the largest cinemas at first or, if you happen to live on the Isle of Wight, your local Spar supermarket. The machines will sell physical copies of games, DVDs and blu-ray discs and can hold around 400 units but also has a nifty USB slot. Pay by credit card, plug in you USB memory stick and you can instantly download movies and music. It’s like the internet, but kiosk shaped. And not in your home. And probably more expensive. And surrounded by annoying chavs throwing popcorn everywhere and talking loudly in their mobile phones.

I’m sure it will useful for those moments when you’ve just finished watching the latest Gerard Butler movie and felt the need to purchase Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. That happens to me all the time.