Final Fantasy XIII Breaks A Million Sales

Square Enix have announced that day one sales of Final Fantasy XIII are in excess of 1 million units. That’s pretty impressive figures on the newest entry in the series, although kind of pales in comparisson to the release of that game a little over a month ago. Even looking at just one market, the UK, Activision’s heavyweight shifted slightly more copies of Modern Warfare 2 – 1.23 million – but in a market less than half the size. Then again this was only on PS3 and not on Japan’s embarassinlgy small – for Microsoft that is – Xbox 360 install base. To be fair I’d rather be playing Final Fantasy anyway, so maybe I should stop comparing games.

It seems that these figures also don’t include copies bundled with the stuningly beautiful Lightning Edition PS3, which our very own Lorcan managed to get his hands on, so the figures may be a little higher. Now, rather than hearing me waffle on about comparative sales all day (because I will) go watch Lorcan’s video and be in awe.

Source: Kotaku