PSP-4000 Confirmation Leaked?

This LittleBigPlanet PSP starter pack was advertised in MCV’s latest magazine.  For starters, the actual kit looks pretty good, manufactured by Accessories4Technology Ltd under the 4Gamers brand, and seemingly endorsed by SCEE given all the official livery.


The interesting thing, though, is that amongst the suitable PSP models at the bottom is the PSP-4000, as discovered by our friends at TheLostGamer. This would be the first time the top-secret PSP-4000 has been mentioned, as far as we know.

Rumours over the weekend suggest the 4000 is a Go-sized machine with a UMD drive.  We’ve fired off an email to Sony for confirmation.

Update: Sony have replied with the usual ‘we don’t comment on rumour or speculation’ line.