Sony Mexico Adverts Are Weird

Sony USA and Sony Europe have finally got their heads around advertising and now have sensible adverts that feature the games and consoles rather than a David Lynch inspired advert that features a talking poodle jumping through a hoop made of cheese. Sony Mexico are bravely attempting to show the best features of the console and yet still be rather hatstand with their new adverts. The first features Resistance 2 and Terminator Salvation. A bit dull perhaps, but not that bad..



Now things start getting a bit weird. The implication from the advert is you can use PS3 video chat to get Chloe from Uncharted to straddle you and play horsey.PS3chat_preview

The surreal tag line to advert three is “Dance with Zombies before blowing their heads off” and features a picture that looks like it’s from Jackos “Thriller” but is not (copyright reasons I guess), and some gory monster thing which I think is from Dante’s Inferno.


Finally, a lovely picture of Kratos who has just chewed your mother in laws head off. How delightfully seasonal, nothing says “Christmas” like a severed head.