Capcom Delays Titles

Capcom have been casting an eye over their books and have decided to slash their earnings forecast for this fiscal year by moving some titles in to the 2010 fiscal year. Actually not some, it’s all of them, no more Capcom games until at least April 2010, Super Streetfighter IV, Dead Rising 2 and Lost Planet 2 won’t be seeing the light of day until spring has well and truly sprung. According to Capcom the games will be ‘spread across all four quarters of the fiscal year,’ so that means at least one of the games will not land until January 2011.

So what’s the reason for the delays? Capcoms corporate website has the answer..


“Capcom believes that delaying the launches of its own titles will avoid competing with these new games.”

Publishers moved the launch of games from Christmas 2009 to the first few months 2010 to avoid the crush but  now March 2010 is now ridiculously over crowded so Capcom have moved their games back even further. It’s a sensible, if annoying decision.