Wakeboarding HD By Creat Studios

The guys behind Smash Cars, Cuboid, Mushroom Wars, Digger HD and various other titles are venturing into the world of wakeboarding for their next title. Creat Studios’ simply titled arcade game – Wakeboarding HD – will encourage players to get on their boards and ride the waves through races, stunts and and various other missions.

There is little information at this stage but it would appear that the oceans will also be filled with smashable objects such as billboards, bins and even stylised bombs…sounds like someone needs to be put on littering duty, if you ask me. Judging by some of Creat’s other titles it will probably feature some very enjoyable action. And there are sharks waiting in the murky depths looking to eat you and your wakboard…although you can’t blame them, we do look like seals when sitting on wakeboards and they aren’t to know any different, they’re just hungry.


Thanks, Mukarkar