100 PS3 Games of 2010 – Part 10


This is it. We’ve finally made it. One hundred titles and thousands of words later, the end of our ten part 100 PS3 Games of 2010 feature finally reaches its dramatic conclusion. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the series, looking into the days of Gaming Future and mentally calculating how much money will be leaving your bank account in the months to come. If you’ve earmarked as many games as we have, there’s a good chance your kids/pets may actually starve. But screw ’em. Kids and pets fended for themselves and hunted for their own food back in my day. It’ll toughen the bastards up a little.


I wish I could say that our final ten are a real doozy. Unfortunately, though we managed to avoid the inevitable strife of ranking these 100 games, relying on the alphabet to deliver up a rip-roaring send-off was probably an unwise endeavour.


The last ten are, in my opinion, probably the weakest set in the bunch. Then again, gaming has a wonderful way of throwing up surprises where you least expect them. Who knows? Maybe 2010’s Game of the Year is hidden somewhere below among the ranks of the following …
thelastrebellionslimThe Last Rebellion Developer: Nippon Ichi | Publisher: Nippon Ichi / NIS | Out: TBC

A PS3 exclusive RPG from Nippon Ichi, despite the game launching next month in Japan (and in NA in March, no word on a European release), we actually don’t know much about the title. So we checked out the official site.

It’s all very Japanese with the usual spate of mystical interference as two gods representing life and death meddle with the affairs of us mortals. With the life bringing god imbuing characters with special abilities, and the death-god creating monsters out of people’s souls, it doesn’t take a genius to work out where the characters of Nine and Aisha fit in.

The system allows for free-roaming exploration, though combat will be turn-based. Eh, what else? Nine has really silly hair. But you’ve probably guessed that already.
theoutsiderslimThe OutsiderDeveloper: Frontier Developments | Publisher: TBC | Out: TBC

When we were culling games from this list – and we culled a fair few – Frontier Developments’ The Outsider must have been in and out of contention on about four separate occasions. The cause of this ambiguity is purely down to just how long this game has been in development. That and the fact that we’ve heard nothing of it in eons. But it’s still coming apparently. Or not.

In researching The Outsider I have read interviews about the game from as far back as early 2007 with little to no information surfacing in more recent times; usually a sign that a game entered production, got stuck there, and will probably remain in Development Hell forever.  The fact that it still makes the list at all is due to blind optimism on our behalf based on the game’s potential.

The Outsider throws out traditional, linear game story arcs and, using some proprietary and likely alien technology, tries to simulate the decisions and actions that characters you interact with would likely make based on an insane array of variables.

It’s a bold mandate, literally attempting to make a game based on the strength of artificial intelligence. Of course, you need a start, and the game provides one with your character, Jameson, a CIA operative wrongly accused of a crime and going out on the lamb. Sure, it’s more spies and sounds a little hackneyed, but if they can pull off the tech, this could be a landmark game and a new avenue for gaming in general.

thief4slimThief 4Developer: Eidos Montréal | Publisher: SquareEnix | Out: TBC

Medieval stealth time with Eidos’ return to the popular Thief franchise. Thief has a prestigious legacy and its own diehard following – mostly from the series’ earlier days on the PC.

Fittingly, we know nearly nothing about Thief’s fourth outing other than Eidos’ confirmation – after hinting for a short time – that the game is actually in production. With Deus Ex 3 also in development at Eidos, Thief 4 represents the other side of Eidos’ coin in their attempt to return to glory with trusted properties.

transformersslimTransformers: The War for CybertronDeveloper: High Moon Studios | Publisher: Activision | Out: TBC

Michael Bay has nothing to do with this game. We repeat: Michael Bay has nothing to do with this game. Taking place on Cybertron, long before the metallic marauders managed to swing by earth and mess the place up thanks to their lust for Energon and comely vending machines, The War for Cybertron is an origins story of epic proportions.

We get to see the Autobots and Decepticons at the dawn of their eternal conflict, not to mention some radical new vehicles. After all, it will be the weapons and cars of Cybertron which the two groups will be transforming into to gain any semblance of combat advantage.

The game depicts the robots as something similar to their War Within interpretation. It also boasts a Gears of War type feel and the promise of on-line co-op and head-to-head multiplayer. Apart from the obligatory Optimus Prime appearance (voiced by Peter Cullen by the way), we’ll also get the chance to unleash Omega Supreme who, for the non-Transformers fans out there, is an Autobot of prodigious size and power. Dude can punch through a mountain.

High Moon Studios made a few ripples with The Bourne Conspiracy, a game that borrowed a lot from the Jason Bourne film trilogy, if not Matt Damon’s likeness. It wasn’t the best game on the PS3 (that month) but it also wasn’t the worst. With a beloved property to build a foundation on, here’s hoping they treat the Transformers franchise a little better than a certain Ferrari driving Hollywood director. Fall! Damn you! FALL! (Extra brownie points if you get the quote.)

tronslimTron Evolution Developer: Propaganda Games | Publisher: Disney | Out: TBC

Showing our age, Tron was kind of a big deal to us older gamers here at TSA. Before Gamer and other such attempts to depict gaming on the big screen, Tron resonated with those of us who loved videogames from an early age. With its neon etched visuals and geeky overtones, Tron was the coolest thing on the planet, with rumours of a sequel over the years keeping the old Tron fire burning.

With 2010 finally seeing that sequel materialise, it’s no shock that a movie based on a videogame would get a game tie-in itself. There’s little known about Tron Evolution at this time. We’re sure that will change over the coming months.

truecrimeslimeTrue CrimeDeveloper: United Front Games | Publisher: Activision | Out: TBC

Revealed at this year’s VGAs, True Crime is the latest in the popular action series. Despite not having a location specific sub-title likes its predecessors True Crime: Streets of LA and True Crime: New York City, the latest True Crime will take place in the dangerous underworld of Hong Kong.

The trailer depicts little other than the bare bones of the story. You play Wei Shen, a Chinese cop who attempts to infiltrate the organised crime world of the Hong Kong Triads.

The game’s appeal stems from the challenge of trying to balance maintaining cover by performing heinous acts to convince your new buddies of your criminal ways, all the while gathering information and worming your way in to the Triad’s hierarchy.

The first True Crime title not to be developed by Luxoflux (who appear to be focusing on movie tie-ins these days such as Transformers, Shrek and Kung Fu Panda), United Front Games will handle developing duties. Which just goes to show that you should never pigeon-hole a studio into one genre. After all, United Front will also have their highly anticipated ModNation Racers debut on the PlayStation 3 next year.

unknownslimTwisted Metal Developer: EatSleepPlay | Publisher: SCE | Out: TBC

Another title from the mystery box, Twisted Metal has been hinted at for as long as we can remember. An update to David Jaffe’s seminal vehicular combat game, many people are intrigued to finally see what the likes of Calypso, Sweet Tooth and Mr. Grimm will look like in full explosive HD glory.

The game is not official. In fact, all we have is a coded message stating Twisted Metal is coming to the PS3 at the end of the last title in the series: Twisted Metal: Head-On. That said, now that Jaffe has headed up his own development house since July of 2007, what else has he been doing? Swearing at people on the Internet? OK, he’s been doing that, too.

ufc2010slimUFC Undisputed 2010 Developer: Yuke’s | Publisher: THQ | Out: May 25th

UFC is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It was therefore something of a no-brainer that a virtual version of the plug-fest would finally wind up on a console. What was surprising, however, was that EA weren’t behind it. Something they’ve now rectified.

UFC Undisputed 2009 was one of the guilty pleasures of this year. With its myriad of take-downs, kimuras, arm-bars and triangle choke-holds, there was something insanely visceral and enjoyable about inviting a few friends over and then making mince out of them in the game.

With the aforementioned EA rival entering the octagon next year, the UFC gaming competition is about to get real interesting. Hopefully it will just make THQ up their game.

undersiegeslimUnder Siege Developer: Seed Studios | Publisher: Seed Studios | Out: Q2 2010

Under Siege (unfortunately) does not feature Steven Segal or Erika Eleniak jumping out of a cake. What it does have is a level editor and controls tailored for consoles. Or console, considering it’s exclusive to the PS3.

The game is an “action strategy” and will be a downloadable title on the PSN.

yakuza4slimYakuza 4Developer: Amusement Vision | Publisher: Sega | Out: TBC

Truth be told, we debated putting Yakuza 3 at the end of this list. After all, it is finally getting a Western port, and it’s not like there aren’t fans of the game outside of Japan. But we’ll focus on its newer incarnation instead.

While Yakuza 3 sees Kazuma Kiryu scurrying between the island of Okinawa and Kamurocho, a fictional take on Kabukicho – Tokyo’s red-light district and hive of cool drinking dens (trust us, it’s awesome), Yakuza 4 sees Kiryu-san joined by new characters along with the rooftops and underground of Kamurocho as fresh settings to explore.

Yakuza 4 will be released in Japan in March. If Yakuza 3 sells as well as we hope in the West, we can expect a port toward the end of the year.

And we’re done. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who read and enjoyed these articles – especially to those who commented and expressed their thanks and letting us know which titles piqued their interest. The series was a labour of love but, despite the hours required, I thoroughly enjoyed writing each entry.

I would also like to express my thanks to TSA’s djhsecondnature who, on incredibly short notice, created over one hundred images to adorn these inane ramblings.

Finally, will there be a 100 PS3 Games of 2011 feature next year? Perhaps. If there is, you can be assured that I will not start it as late as the 20th of December like I did this year.