100 PS3 Games of 2010 – Part 7


Welcome back to Part 7 of our look at 100 PS3 games sure to get some hearts racing in 2010. If you thought all the big hitters were covered in the last couple of entries, think again, there’s even AAA titles planned for the PS3 from the tail end of the alphabet. Speaking of which …

magslimMAGDeveloper: Zipper Interactive | Publisher: SCE | Out: January 29th


Zipper Interactive and Sony have a lot riding on the success of the impending MAG. Assuring that it wasn’t us, it was them, Zipper Interactive broke up with long-term partner SOCOM and promptly embarked on a new life with the still-cringeworthy entitled MAG, or Massive Action Game. No matter how you spin it, the name is still awful.

An admirable step toward innovation, MAG ups the multiplayer ante by bringing 256 like-minded gun-totting mercenaries to one arena in an effort to find out who’s top dog. With three private armies – each having with their own work-ethos, strengths and weaknesses – come January 29th the killing fields of MAG open up fully for all.

If you were a part of the recent beta (soon to be open to all asunder in a few days), you have an idea of how the new massive shooter plays. We’ve heard varying reports including such extolment as one of the best online shooters ever made, to a game that is somewhat stale and disjointed; hindered rather than lauded by its squad-based objective-promoting system. We find out how it really plays out in the wild when the game launches in about a month’s time.

marsslimMars Developer: Spiders | Publisher: TBC | Out: TBC

French studio Spiders’ futuristic red planet excursion, we’re promised RPG elements along with intense hand-to-hand combat on a planet that has recently shifted obit and hence no longer in contact with Earth.

The production images released of the title so far don’t exactly inspire confidence, but we’ll keep an open mind nonetheless. We’re quite partial to your typical trapped-on-Mars-with-a-water-shortage-while-some-of-the-planet’s-inhabitants-have-been-transformed-into-mutants-by-the-sun’s-rays story.

maxpayne3slimMax Payne 3 Developer: Rockstar Vancouver | Publisher: Rockstar Games | Out: Q4 2010

The hard life hasn’t fared too well with ole Max Payne. Discarding his usual look and now resembling a cross between John McClane and Hacksaw Jim Duggan, the perpetually simile-spouting troubled ex-cop has had his fair share of life’s tragedies. From losing his wife and child to the inability to find a decent shirt in this his third outing, Max Payne 3 suggests a departure from previous Payne titles on numerous fronts.

Apart from the change in appearance, Max has also left his hometown of New York, now shacked up in the sweltering climes of Sao Paolo, Brazil where he has become embroiled in the shady underworld of private protection.

One of the most intriguing of elements about Max Payne 3, apart from the title being the first in the series not to be created by original studio Remedy Games, is how it was originally earmarked or a late 2009 entry. With a new release date of late 2010, we’re intrigued to find out what this entire year of extra development time will being to the title.

mohslimMedal of HonorDeveloper: EA LA (campaign) / EA DICE (multiplayer) | Publisher: EA| Out: Q3 2010

The first M-rated Medal of Honor title and taking place in a whole new modern setting for the popular FPS series, Medal of Honor is a blatant retort to the phenomenal success Activision have enjoyed with Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare games.

Not that we blame them of course. When a game sells in the numbers Modern Warfare 2 recently posted, we’d also be doing all we could to wrestle the crown back from the Call of Duty franchise.

A press release from EA confirms that all the action in the recent Medal of Honor footage is actual gameplay, with players gaining the ability to take to the skies in a chopper while also wrecking havoc on the ground in an assortment of vehicles.

It’s an audacious endeavour and one us gamers will undoubtedly benefit from. Could EA really create a war game to rival the commercial success of Activision’s flagship shooter? We have our doubts. Though Medal of Honor does have a prestigious legacy, the developers will have a steep hill to climb in order to impress a fairly partisan audience. We’ll continue to monitor the reboot’s progress throughout 2010.

mgsrisingslimMetal Gear Solid: RisingDeveloper: Kojima Productions | Publisher: Konami | Out: TBC

Announced to much aplomb and after a Konami media circus that included oblique countdowns and surprise appearances at E3, Metal Gear Solid: Rising represents a changing of the guard so to speak for the legendary Metal Gear series. Not just in terms of lead character, for this will be the first MGS title the imitable Hideo Kojima won’t have total control of. Of course, even as producer, expect the picky Kojima-san to stamp his authority all over the upcoming title.

What this change suggests for the future of the series or the quality of this product is anyone’s guess, but we do know Raiden will feature prominently while the upstarts of Kojima Productions will have the opportunity to shine and prove the series still shows signs of longevity without the old man pulling the strings.

The chances of MGS:R making a 2010 release are slim. Whether this is due to the inherent high-production value of each of the games in the series or because of Konami’s tendency to take at least three years to create a new Metal Gear title, either way, we mention it here as, without Kojima-san in control, all bets are off. Who knows how long Rising has actually been in development. A Q4 2010 appearance, though unlikely, is not out of the realms of fancy.


Mirror’s Edge 2 – Developer: EA DICE | Publisher: EA | Out: TBC

Mirror’s Edge’s inaugural appearance on the PS3 was greeted with muted success. Selling over a million copies and receiving mostly positive reviews, there was always the feeling that, despite performing well on multiple fronts, EA thought it had the next Lara Croft-esque commercial explosion on its hands.

Ultimately, and likely more because the industry had simply grown up so much since Tomb Raider’s debut more than anything else, Mirror’s Edge failed to resonate with the masses at the same level.

A sequel was recently confirmed by EA Games Senior VP Patrick Söderlund. Whether some of the criticisms of the first game (such as its length, clunky combat and somewhat restrictive free-roaming elements) will be taken on board remains to be seen.

modnationracerslimModNation RacersDeveloper: United Front Games | Publisher: SCE | Out: Q2 2010

Yes, at first glance it resembles Mario Kart a great deal, but that doesn’t make United Front Games’ ModNation Racers sandbox racing title any less appealing. If anything, it just makes us want it even more.

The big sell comes in the form of the track, vehicle and character creation tools; powerful user-content generating devices that turn what was initially a simple and charming quirky racing game with colourful characters into an endless fertile playground for budding level designers.

We’re impressed that Sony are not resting on their laurels after LittleBIGPlanet and are continuing to push the “Play. Create. Share.” mantra into new genres. And if early word out of the closed beta for ModNation Racers is anything to go by, we’re not the only ones.


Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2Developer: CyberConnect2 | Publisher: Namco Bandai | Out: Q3 2010

Somewhat overlooked upon its late 2008 release in Europe, Naruto’s first Ninja Storm was like playing an episode of the popular anime cartoon. With jaw-dropping combos and a truly luscious visual style, we’re confident Naruto’s sophomore assault will be just as impressive.


Naughty BearDeveloper: A2M | Publisher: 505 Games | Out: TBC

A bear pissed off after not receiving an invite to a party goes on a homicidal rampage against his furry ex-mates. It’s so twisted that we’re understandably fascinated with what developer Artificial Mind and Movement will conjure up with the title next year.

After all, if A2M can create one cute, bloodthirsty plaything in WET’s Ruby Malone, we’re sure they can handle a bear with a bad head.

nierslimNier Developer: Cavia | Publisher: SquareEnix | Out: TBC

OK, brace yourself. Here comes the science bit. The background behind Nier is a confusing hodge-podge of multiple titles, strange exclusivity deals and more names than a Spanish con-man. At this point we’re pretty sure Nier is actually two titles, Nier Gestalt and Nier Replicant, both due for a PS3 release sometime next year. We think. Both games exist in the same universe with the protagonist of each title searching for either a mother or a sister. Or … something …

We’ll attempt to unravel the mystery of Nier’s apparent schizophrenia as things progress.

Some big titles from across the whole spectrum of gaming genres we think you’ll agree. Hopefully something for everyone. Let us know what you’ll be picking up in the comments below.