Sony patents “Cloudsurf”

Advance warning: this is an article about a patent filing. And as with all patents, the fact that a new one exists is not a direct correlation that something will actually appear in the future. That said, we know Sony have a thing for clouds these days so we reckon this one has legs.

Registered on December 28th by Sony Japan (SCEJ), Cloudsurf is a media delivery service that allows multiple devices to connect to the internet in order to receive content. Which sounds a lot like Cloud computing to us. Probably because of the word cloud in the title.


The service also provides “game services” so, once again, it looks like Sony are keeping an eye on OnLive and have something of their own in the works.  How this competes/compliments/replaces the PSN is anyone’s guess. After all, it’s just a patent. It could mean nothing. Yeah … right …

Source: Destructoid